Littlest Gahena

A Social Hermit | 21 | She/Her | GMT +8

A jack of trades in mostly everything art. I’m apart of some of the most well known and notorious online fan community. Diploma in Computer Science, pursuing a degree in Artificial Intelligence, specializing in Big Data. Currently employed with schoolwork and a lot of personal projects.

About Littlest

A Malaysian born artist who lives in a house full of quirky cats. Born with G6PD Deficiency and thus have a very long list of allergies including some regular medications, like ibuprofen. Thankfully, cats are not one of them.

Spends her days in her room finishing up her strips for the next update, play quick games or planning her next meal. If not all of the above, she is probably stuck doing homework.

“Call me Gahena, or Littlest”

Digital Artist | Illustrator

Freelance Artist since 2018. Specializing in Comics, Webtoons and storyboarding. Currently employed for My Gothic Life webtoon, (bi-weekly updates)

  • Eve

  • Bump of Chicken

  • Annapantsu

  • Cursed Princess Club

  • Unordinary

  • My Zombie Boyfriend

  • My Hero Academia

  • Demon Slayer


  • Sky: Children of The Light

  • Identity V

  • Among Us

Zines Participation

Toshinko Wedding 2018 - 2019ArtistCompleted
Katsukitchen: A Bakusquad Cookbook2019Chef Completed
Fruits Basket2019 - 2020Artist Completed
Katsukitchen 2: Back For Seconds2020ChefOngoing
Toasty : An Original Bread Zine2020Coms ModOngoing


ZineAmount RaisedCharity
Toshinko Wedding ZineUSD 293.00Children Organ Transplant Association
Katsukitchen ZineUSD 782.40The Hunger Project
Fruits BasketCAD 140.50Ronald McDonald Foundation